sneezeI like shredded wheat cereal – especially the little bite-sized frosted kind.


However, I recently learned that this breakfast can be fraught with danger – if you have to sneeze.

When you eat shredded wheat cereal, unless you wash it down with a liberal dose of whatever morning beverage you prefer (in my case, coffee) you are going to end up with a mouth and throat with little bits of shredded wheat.

So if you have to sneeze, you are in danger of inhaling those little bits into your trachea which will lead to much coughing, eye-watering, and pain.

So you have to stifle the sneeze as best you can, which leads to its own problems.  Especially, if there are multiple sneezes backed up trying to get out.

It is a lose-lose proposition. And you know this is the voice of experience.

It is hard to determine when you will be entirely sneeze-free; thus I have to advise eat shredded wheat cereal at your own risk.

PS – this also applies to Tricuits!

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