Mich AlligatorSome of you might know what a Michigan alligator is – or you call it by another name. You know those nasty hunks of blown tire from a semi that you see (and hopefully avoid) on the freeway? Those are Michigan alligators – and they bite. People don’t seem to realize that these chunks of tire have metal in them – sharp, sharp metal that will tear your tires up if you run over them.

Usually when you have to deal with a Michigan alligator, it will be basking in the road and you have a chance to plan how to avoid it’s bite; but the birth of a Michigan alligator is (literally) explosive.

I have sometimes wondered what I would do if a semi blew out a tire while I was in the immediate vicinity.

Now I know.

I was very lucky, in that traffic was light and I had room to safely veer around the chunks of flying debris. Of course, it was not all luck – I try to keep a running tally of nearby traffic at all times. Because you never know when a Michigan alligator will be born.

I can now personally attest that the noise and the hunks of tire flying at you is scary. All I can say is, don’t panic. Your first instinct will be to swerve – but don’t do it without checking first. Flat tires, windshield damage, etc. are a lot easier to deal with than a wreck. Slow down as quickly as you can – the debris will then be ahead of you, and do what you can to safely avoid that debris.

So I am safe and sound, and I hope you are all equally safe and sound.

Keep on keeping on.

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