This is actress Jenie Jackson:

jenieThis is me (in the musical Day in Hollywood/Night in the Ukraine):

dih portrait

Holy crap! Right?

I was unaware of my likeness to Jenie Jackson until a Twitter follower (who is a fan of Ms. Jackson) brought it to my attention.

So am I her doppelganger (I assume that the one who came first must be the original) or twins separated at birth (that would have been one heck of a labor twins born decades apart)?

Jenie Jackson was born in California on November 27, 1921 and passed away on March 14, 1976. She appeared in a number of movies and appeared on various TV shows during the 60s.

She was also believed in fat acceptance as this interview in Parade Magazine (August 1962) shows:,899993

It would have been nice if she could have been accepting of her own body without engaging in body shaming of thinner women, but at that time, she didn’t have a lot of resources on the topic of fat acceptance and was figuring things out for herself as she went along.

I sure would like to sit down with her today and compare notes on life as a fat woman, and life as a fat performer.

Here’s to you, sister from another mother!

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