frilly scarfAnybody need/want a curly scarf?

For as long as I have been seeing these things, I have been intrigued by curly/frilly scarves.

When I was at BayCon (our local science fiction convention) last year, I went to a crafting workshop to learn how to do amigurami, and while waiting for the workshop to start, the lady next to me pulled out a curly scarf she was working on. She kindly showed me how easy they were to make!

So months go by and I finally decide to take the leap. I get the yarn, I have my crochet hooks at ready and realize I have no recollection of how to actually make these things – other than I vaguely remember it’s really easy.

So thank you internet … I find instructions. Except these aren’t easy, and most of them are for knitting not crocheting. I try the harder pattern, and it’s a disaster – rip it out. I try an easier pattern – hate how it’s coming out – rip it out. Finally, I find my Goldilocks’ pattern – it’s just right.

And I have been a curly scarf making fool every since.

They take anywhere from a couple of hours to a day to make, depending on the yarn. So a nice quick project to keep my hands busy. And we all know what idle hands are.

Guess what everybody is getting for Christmas.

(PS – they also can make great cat toys, just ask our rotten cat Leo)

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