sick catOkay – not really. I mean, I’m not happy that our old blind cat Salem is sick. However, I am tickled that we have a diagnosis.

Salem has had a lifetime of health issues (particularly with his eyes, hence our old blind cat); but it was always vague and we could never get a diagnosis for what ailed him.

Salem has a hyper active thyroid.

This is the reason he is so thin – just a bag of bones wrapped in fur – and why he yowls so much at night.

Not only does he have a disease; it can be treated!

I’ll go pick up his pills today. Hopefully, they’ll do the trick.

Salem is pretty good about pills (he was on prednisone for years for his undiagnosed inflammation in his eyes) – especially if you use Greenies pill pockets.

greeniesGreenies pill pockets are a Godsend for people with pets that need medication – especially cats. Unlike dogs, who will eat anything if it’s wrapped in bacon or cheese, cats are adept at locating, identifying and avoiding any foreign matter (such as medication) in their food. And there are plenty of “funny” stories out there about trying to pill a cat. Yeah – ha-ha, hilarious until you actually live through it.

Anyhow, Greenies pill pockets are soft treats with a little divot in the middle. You put the pill in the divot and then squish the treat around the pill. Greenies are delicious (to your pet) and sneaky – because they are soft and sticky, they cling to your pets teeth making it impossible for them to spit the pill out once they have started to nom on the Greenie. Works like a charm.

The pills have can have a rare side effect (please, please, please, let Salem not have it) – where the cat’s face gets incredibly itchy. So itchy, the cat can scratch its face raw. The answer is to immediately stop the meds.

There are two other treatment possibilities should the pills not work out – one is radioactive iodine seeding (which destroys the excess thyroid cells) or surgery. Both of these are cures not treatments. But since Salem is an OLD blind cat with other health issues, I really, really, really don’t want to try putting him through stuff like that.

So keep your fingers, toes, and other available appendages crossed that newly diagnosed Salem will do well on his meds.

Have I mentioned that Salem is the world’s most expensive rescue cat ever? Good thing we love him very very much (even when he wakes us up with his yowling).

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