raggedy ann front


At least I am when it comes to underwear; specifically bloomers.

I love bloomers.

They are cute. They keep thighs from chafing. They keep your hinder from hanging out when you’re wearing a top/dress that’s kind of short. And you don’t have to be careful to sit like a lady. In fact, you can pull your skirt over your head if you have a mind, and should give no offense.

I recommend the cotton variety for summer and flannel for winter. Fabrics like satin are lovely, of course, but I prefer to wear bloomers that are not the “star of the show”. Sort of the BayCon rules of costuming – underwear is not a costume, it’s underwear.

There used to be a website where you could order custom made bloomers, but they seem to have disappeared. However, I did find an Etsy store (JoyfulByDesign) that will do custom orders at a very reasonable price (I got big ol’ bloomers for $29.99 a pair!). If you are a standard size, you will find lots of choices on Etsy.

Let’s hear for underwear that isn’t so under.

raggedy ann back

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