As I posted before, I have a new toy – a Kindle Fire HD (not the latest and greatest, but I figure this will do me just fine, thank you).

So now I am in app-hell. Holy fucking shit there are a lot of apps out there. And I don’t have a lot of experience (okay I have NO experience) with apps.

I have a few ideas of what I want, and so far, I have found a few that are okay.

And then every now and then, after sifting through mounds of apps, I find one I think I might like, and Amazon tells me it won’t work on my device. WHAT? I guess those are just for the HDX Fire.

What I really want is a contact database app that can be organized by groups. I have a gazillion contacts, but I’d like to have them organized by stuff like family, friends, high school/Michigan, theater, etc. It would sure make my life a whole lot easier. Anybody know of one?

And I would like one that would interface with the Microsoft Office apps. (Again, I found one but it won’t work on my device.)

Mainly though, I’m sticking to free apps. That way if I don’t like an app, I can remove it from my device (doesn’t that just sound kind of dirty?) without any feelings of guilt.

Oh, and I really need an app that will organize my apps.

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