Weird, weird, dream.

I was at work. A mix of the offices I worked at in LA and the old/new offices of the firm I currently work for.

The offices were being redecorated.

Everything was a mess, I couldn’t find where they were hiding files.

But the most amazing part was the offices of the two attorneys I was working for. (One from the LA office one for the old/new office.)

First both offices had huge beds in the front part of the office as you entered. Very fancy, satin covers. I remember commenting, “I guess you expect to be fucked by your attorney, but do we have to be so blatant about it?” The office for the LA attorney also had a set of bunk beds, which I said was just downright creepy and had to go. (Apparently, I could live with the big entry way beds.)

The LA attorneys’ desk was in the middle of a pool of water, which you had to wade/swim through to get to.

And the SJC attorney’s office, had these humungo bright yellow satin curtains, blocking your view of his office. This, of course, led me to comment, “Oh great. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Obviously, I was furious and frustrated with the decorators (who, for some reason, were all beautiful Asian folks dressed very trendily).

Usually, I get these kinds of dreams when I have MSG, but I just had a salad (mixed greens, cucumbers, croutons, and 1,000 Island dressing) for dinner.

So WTF does all this mean? And could it have been brought on by a bad crouton?

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