angry computer

The attorneys all arose from their weekend with a frenzy of work they all needed done NOW.

First up, a partner, who had sent me a scan after closing on Friday of a huge flipping lease – 22 sheets, but it’s double-sided so it is 44 pages of work. No problem. Only, the partner decided he was capable of scanning and sending me the lease himself.

He was wrong. Very, very wrong.

He couldn’t figure out that the copier does double-sided scanning. So I got the even numbered pages in one scan and the odd numbered pages in another.

And – wait for it – the odd numbered scan was in reverse order.

I guess I should just be grateful that all the pages were right side up (I have received long documents all upside down, and, even more exciting, long documents, where some are right side up, some are upside down, and even with pages out of order.)

I grit my teeth and work through it and then I get through all the stuff that had piled up behind this project, plus the emergencies that kept popping up.

Needless to say by the end of the work day my head was ready to explode (as was my bladder, since who has time for potty breaks).

Oh, and after I closed down for the day, I check my personal e-mail and find the partner with the big ass lease had sent an e-mail to my personal e-mail account without sending anything to my work inbox, requesting I call a client who is having trouble with a document. Fuck me.

I e-mail the client back, explaining that he had sent the e-mail to the wrong account, and asking if he wanted me to call the client the next morning. He said, “yes.” Great. Something to look forward to.

Oh, and I also found an e-mail from my HOA letting me know I had totally missed a doctor appointment that day. Double fuck me. I called to reschedule – they hope they can get me in sometime in August.

To be continued.


  1. Makes me REALLY not miss working with engineers. The rule is to never let anyone with greater than a Master’s degree touch office machinery.

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