crabby headshotThis day was so crappy – not awful – just crappy, that it will take me three days to get it out of my system.

First, the day actually started out okay. After my shower, my darling husband brought me a delicious cup of coffee just the way I like it; and his cat, Leo, was extra snuggly and sweet.

However, Leo was so into getting his pets and scratches, I hadn’t even started my cream of wheat with chia seeds before my husband headed out to work.

The tasks I had set myself to accomplish in the morning were:

  1. Clean the cat box
  2. Take out the trash and recyling and put the barrels at the curb.
  3. Sweep the house.
  4. Print out my theater resume and headshot.
  5. Print out the music for an audition.

Before I eat my cream of wheat, I complete items 1 and 2. Yay, off to a great start.

Only, then I logged onto my computer I found work waiting for me from the other law firm I do word processing for. Okay – extra money.

I pull up the document which the attorney says needs a Table of Contents and Table of Authorities – fine this should be a one hour job.


First, the whole fucking document needs to be formatted correctly – it’s a mess; and this includes fixing cites that are mostly done wrong (but not all the time, because lulling me into a sense of security is no fun); acronyms that the attorney has not defined – so I get to look them up and see if they should or should not be marked for a table of authorities – and if they should, I need to find the proper references to the relevant statutes.

So it’s a two hour job. But – yay – extra money.

Now I sweep the house. This is not as arduous as I make it out to be. We have a pretty small house, but between runaway dryer sheets cat fluff and kitty litter dust, it takes awhile.

I do my little exercise routine and then I lay down to ice my knee and back and read. I get all settled in with the ice packs just perfect when I realize, I left my fucking reading glasses on the dresser. I decided to forego reading and just lie there – worrying about this audition.

Fifteen minutes later, I can’t stand it any more. I have no idea what I want for lunch. So I decide to get my theater resume and headshot printed.

No matter how many times I do my theater resume and how careful I am to save it on my computer where it would be easy to find, I can never find the most recent version. So I pull up an old one, and I realize I have to add 3 shows to it. Add three shows. Now I have to adjust everything so the necessary info still fits. Time to delete some old stuff (and sometimes, I feel like all I am is old stuff).

Now what to do about a headshot? For the last few years, I’ve been using a composite of personal pics from shows I’ve done with a pic of me at 5-years old in the middle. But I decided to use a real headshot, only I don’t have a current headshot. My most recent headshot, I have super short hair. The next most recent I have shoulder length hair. In both of these, my hair is dyed dark brown. My hair is now far from being dark brown (see my last post). I decide to go with the one with longer hair. Why not.

Now music. I don’t have a clue what I want to sing. Or, actually, I have 2 different songs, and I don’t know which I should do. So I copy both. Using our little printer/copier is always an adventure – so there are lots of unusable sheets. But I finally get usable copies of both songs, after a whole lot of frustration.

Time to log in for work.  Oh boy, more attorneys.

To be continued ….



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