freaky friday

My husband and I will never be accused of being trend setters or living on the cutting edge of cool. We’re not even living on the dull edge of tepid.

We recently watched the remake of Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Curtis.

I have heard Lindsay Lohan’s performance in Freaky Friday referenced as proof that she is a good, nay great, actress.


She is terrible. She is terrible playing a mother trapped in a teen’s body, and amazingly, she is worse as a teen trapped in a teen’s body. I know Disney kids are often encouraged to chew the scenery, but holy crap Lindsay – you make That’s So Raven look like Shakespeare.

Jamie Curtis on the other hand, is a delight. She gives a wonderful performance. Not wonderful enough to save the movie, but wonderful nonetheless. I have always thought Jamie Curtis was an excellent actress, so I am not surprised to see her give a great performance here (especially as a teen trapped in a mom’s body).

So take my advice. Don’t watch this movie, ever. Go find a Jamie Curtis movie where she isn’t held hostage by another actor’s terrible performance, and enjoy.

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