Radio HrYesterday, I was supposed to meet this guy who is working on a CD and Showcase to put in some background vocals. I was supposed to be there at 8 p.m. At 8:20 he called to ask where the fuck I was.

I was sitting at home in front of my computer without a clue.

Fucking Yahoo calendars never sent me a warning.

The guy had called and left me a reminder – on my cell phone – which I turned off when I was at Ruthie’s show on Sunday and never turned back on. Because that’s how stupid I am when it comes to my cell phone.

I peed, brushed my teeth, grabbed a big cold bottle of water, and ran out the door.

I don’t get paid for this singing, but I do enjoy it. So I felt bad about making him and his other backup singer wait for me; but like I said, I’m not getting paid either.

And I’m old and forgetful.

But I read music and I’m a pretty damn good singer.

So I was there until after 11 pm. The other singer had to leave at 10 pm, but after that we laid the tracks for another song with just me (doubled and tripled).

I was also proud that I was able to stand almost 2 hours straight before my back finally said, “Fuck you. I quit.” So the last half hour I was seated. Still 2 hours is pretty good for me.

So if you ask me to be somewhere at a certain time. Don’t call my cell. E-mail me or call my home, and do NOT count on me to just remember.

As I used to tell the lawyers when I worked in the office, “If you don’t see me write it down, it’s not going to happen.”

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