No this is not a fun topic.

In San Jose, we have already had one baby killed by its father leaving him in the car all day because Dad forgot to drop the kid off at the babysitters and just went to work, leaving the kid in the backseat all day. (An unanswered question is, why didn’t the babysitter call someone to check up on why the kid wasn’t dropped off?)

‘Tis the season, folks. As temperatures head upward, we will sadly hear more stories like this one, and each time I hear one of these stories I literally get sick to my stomach.  I am so angry, it twists me up inside.

Some people think the responsible party has been punished enough by the loss of his/her child.

Yes, losing a child is a terrible thing. I can’t imagine the pain.

Then again, I can’t imagine how that baby suffered locked in a stifling car all day.

We prosecute any one else who causes harm to a child to the full extent of the law, and a review of some past cases shows that this is becoming the attitude toward people who live kids in a car.  About fucking time.

Sometimes, it seems to me – tired of having a little kid? Lock him in a car on a hot day and leave him.  Problem solved.

Lawyers will tell you, one of the most difficult things to prove in a court of law is “intent.” Did you mean to do it?  And many of the child endangerment/neglect laws require intent.

We know some parents are capable of doing terrible things to their children, why do we often assume in the case of baby-left-in-the-car, there is lack of intent?

In most cases it seems to be Dad “forgot” the kid, or Mom was just going to be a “second” when the kid is left in the car.  For fucks sake, I would think by now everyone would know that leaving any living thing in a car is detrimental to the health of that living thing.

I don’t know, can you prosecute stupid?

As you can tell, this really pisses me off.

I (obviously) do not have a lot of sympathy for the parents in these situations.

If you leave your lights on, your car will let you know. If you leave your key in the ignition, your car will let you know. We even have cars that will park themselves.

Surely, someone can figure out a way to have a warning if you leave your kid in the car.  At least then, we’ll know who meant to do it.

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