cat sack

We have a very old, totally blind black cat named Salem.

Salem loves to be held. He is not a lap cat, he wants to be held up on your shoulder, like the big baby that he is. He is very old, and I feel guilty when I don’t snuggle him up. Plus, Salem is VERY vocal about his desire to be held, and if you don’t pick him up he will thoroughly cat-snot everything from the knee down.

I spend a lot of time on the computer – some work, some not. My hands are busy when I am on the computer and are not available for kitty holding and/or the appropriate skritching of chin and ears.

What to do?

Well, if you happened to have started a crochet project for a sweater that has clearly become too overwhelming about a quarter of the way in, you might take what you have already made, widen it a bit, lengthen it a bit and join the ends to make a cat sling (sort of like an infinity scarf).

Unfortunately, Salem could not get comfortable in said cat sling. Neither of us were happy.

What to do?

Well, if you happened to be fucking clever (which does happy to be my super power), you might create a cat-sized pocket in the inside of the sling, adding to the stability for any cat that happened to be inserted into the cat sling.

By grabbing Salem’s back legs and tucking in his tail, I can put him in the pocket of the sling, and is (and he believes he is, which is more important part) snug and stable enough to not need the support of arms or hands!

And that, ladies and gentlemen is a cat sack. Not only does Salem seem to enjoy it, but I find it very calming to have him snuggled up against me, to feel his rumbles, and to be able to just give his furry little head a pat or skritch as time allows.

Let’s hear it for Fucking Clever Woman and her cat sack!


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