I just got my new membership to Costco.

I haven’t had a membership to Costco for many years; mostly because I just don’t want to deal with the crowds.

But through a program called “MyPoints” (check them out people – you get e-mails, you go to sites, you take surveys, and you accumulate points without spending anything; and if you are buying something anyway, if you use one of their vendors, you accumulate more points, which are redeemable for all kinds of things), I was able to redeem accumulated points to get myself and my sister memberships without having to spend a dime.

I went to Costco mid-morning on a Friday. Silly me, I thought it would be less busy then.

Nope. Not only was it not busy, I had to park in a different zip code from the store. So I got my walk in that day in Costco and in the parking lot (not very) adjacent to Costco.

Getting my membership card, I learned that the Costco nearest my home is the busiest one in Santa Clara County, California. Lucky me.

Once I had my new membership card grasped in my chubby (okay fat) fist, I scampered (okay waddled) off to see what there was to see.

First – it’s so big. I mean it is holy fucking shit big.

The only other membership store I’ve belonged to was Sam’s Club, and that was almost 20 years ago in LA. This Costco had Sam’s Club beat to shit.

Besides the usual dry goods and frozens and household goods and furnishings I was expecting, I found a fresh produce department that’s like a big farmer’s market; a deli section; a meat department, with butchers standing by; a big bakery department, they have a gardening section!

I picked up a few things. This was an exploratory mission. Good thing I didn’t go nuts – remember, I had to lug all this stuff to my car which was still in a different zip code.

I don’t see myself being a mega-Costco shopper. For one thing, our itty bitty house just isn’t built for storing a lifetime supply of Frosted Mini-Wheats. But I am happy with my purchases, both in price and quality.

Now I just need to check out some other locations to see if I can find one that isn’t quite so popular.

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