This was a recommend from my cousin-in-law Nelson by way of his wife, Alice.

Nelson and my dear husband have a lot in common; and it turns out they have the same discerning taste in TV shows.

One thing that really caught my attention is, while there is some fat shaming, the fat guy, for the mot part, fights back – and when he doesn’t, usually there is someone who does it for him!  How cool is that?

What sells this show is the sincerity of the lead – Jacob Batalon.  He excels at playing sweet and nerdy.  His supporting cast is very good too – both the living and the undead. 

My only disappointment is that Slushy Shacks don’t exist in our world. 

(By the way, I finished ALL of Monk.  The show has not aged well – or maybe, I haven’t.  I just could not find humor in the suffering of a man in the throes of mental illness.)  So now I’m back to Welcome to Flatch. 

And OMG – I didn’t know (until right now) that Reginald the Vampire is based on a six book series by Johnny B. Truant – for sale on Kindle for about $23.00 – but I bought it back in 2015 for $0.99 (thank you BookBub)!  Guess what I’m reading right after I finish my current book!

(Did you guess?)

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