So, of course, I watched all of Bridgerton. 

I don’t love it as much as the first season – I mean, once you have the solid romance-novel plot – there are not a lot in the way of surprises.  But I still like it a lot.  If nothing else, the costumes (and wigs) are to die for. 

And I’ve been working through Welcome to Flatch, which I find appealing, having grown up in a small mid-West town – maybe not as doofy as Flatch, but that feeling of being stuck in a life you don’t know what to do with is familiar.  And the characters are hilarious and poignant.  The show is shot in the same mockumentary style as The Office; and while scripted, still gives off the flavor of improv like a Christopher Guest movie (not as good as Christopher Guest, of course – but just a taste).

And finally, I just finished the long-awaited most recent season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  I love the comedy, I love the characters – but, Lord, I get tired of watching Midge step in it over and over again.  She’s supposed to be a smart woman; so it’s difficult to see a character make the same mistakes without learning a thing.  That’s when you start to lose me. 

Oh and my husband and I just finished Killing Eve.  What a beautifully written and acted show that was.  We will miss the adventures of Eve and Villanelle (I don’t suppose there’d be a Christmas Special in the offing).

So now, I’ll go back to Sens8 – which is beautiful and bizarre and wonderful and disturbing to a degree that I can’t watch too much at a time. 

So what you watching and/or what are your thoughts on what I’ve been watching?

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