OMG.  I (finally) got through all three seasons of Manifest.  And yes, I will be watching Season 4 when Netflix offers it. 

I have high hopes that Netflix will bring back the same cast but hire new, and much better, writers, because Season 3 must have been written on toilet paper. 

It was soooooooo bad. 

Now we have so many “big bads”, I’ve lost count.  We’ve totally moved away from the stories of the passengers – you know, the part that actually made the show kind of interesting. 

And the scripts apparently all call for unrestricted amounts of people yelling at each other. 

NOBODY on this show has an INDOOR VOICE!!!!

I cannot believe that every actor on this show has made the same acting choice of turning the volume up to 11. 

And why will I watch Season 4?  Because I have been promised that all of this steaming pile will be somehow tied up by the end. 

So I’m in. 

Just please, for the love of God (TIDBI – callings or not), if they’re going to do all that scenery chewing could they at least not talk with their mouths full of YELLS?

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