I love rehearsing.

And yet, if somebody asks me, “Should we do it again, or are we good?”, I am the first one to say, “I’m good.”

It’s a puzzlement. 

I am, if nothing, contrary.

This weekend, for the first time in literally years, I had rehearsal.

I had rehearsal for a show that was supposed to happen in February but has now been delayed until sometime in April (the good Lord (TIDBI) and Omicron willing). 

I was worried on my way over to the rehearsal.  I have not sung, seriously, for a very long time (the last time being at Chris and Darrick’s engagement party).  What kind of shape was my voice in?  (Fine, it turns out.) Could I stand for any length of time without back pain? (Yes, I can.)  Would I have the necessary breath support? (Again, yes, I do.) 

I did not stink up the place.  I did good.  I kept up. 

God (TIDBI), I miss this.


  1. That sounds SO good – rehearsing! Yeah!

    Is this a book show or a revue? Theatre or nightclub or what? It’s always so exciting to me to hear about
    people working nowadays that I just want to know what & where, etc. Whatever it is, am sure you’ll kill
    it out there.

  2. It’s a fundraiser concert for South Bay Musical Theatre – a revue – in a theatre. It was supposed to be on Feb. 14 (hence, Broadway in Love); but alas, Omicron had other plans for us.

  3. Sounds great. Special material, or a mix of that & existing songs & sketches? Hope you’re able to raise
    pots of cash with it. Break a leg.

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