It is raining.  Not just drizzles.  But proper rain. 

Rain in California is weird.  You seldom have any accompanying lightning or thunder.  Just rain. 

Today, I had a dental cleaning and it was raining.  But the sun was also peeking out from behind the clouds.  Weird, huh?  It was like that on the way home and I was treated to a bunch of rainbows. 

That’s rain in California. 

I generally enjoy the rain.  Especially in California because we need it so badly – all the time.  Also, because, lately, you seem to hardly ever get a good downpour – one where you can open a window and just listen to the rain. 


I need the soothes of rain sounds right now.

I can feel the edges of depression/anxiety touching me.  I hate that – knowing that it’s there just waiting.

My depression is like Carl Sandberg’s San Francisco fog – it comes on little cat feet.

And speaking of little cat feet, whenever I need some unconditional furry love, I have Berta. Lord (TIDBI) do I love this cat. 


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