I know I’m a fat old lady; but now I feel like I am officially a fat OLD lady.

I have an old people injury on my arm.

You know what an old people injury is. 

It’s that bruise-y, ripped skin-y injury that you can’t quite figure out how it happened; and old people tend to have them on any body part where their dry fragile old people skin has come in contact with the world.

And how did I come by my old people injury, you ask?

You know how your sweater (or jacket or shirt) sometimes catches on the handle of a door and it pulls you up short? 

And you know how screen door handles are kind of sharp edged (as compared to door knobs and lever handles) so they play hell with sweaters (or jackets or shirts) when you get caught on one?

Well, I was putting something out for pickup in our mailbox and I hooked on the screen door handle. 

Only it wasn’t my sweater or jacket or shirt. 

It was my arm.

And off came a few chunks of my dry fragile fat old lady skin. 

I even know how dangerous screen door handles are.  My mom once caught her wedding ring in one and ripped most of the skin off of her finger. 

So I have no excuse.

Just a fat old lady arm with an old people injury.


  1. Oh, tanteterri – I do SO feel your pain. Am looking at the latest aubergine blob on my left arm, caused by
    who knows what: run in with a piece of furniture? Car door? Who knows. It’s healing now – in the beginning
    there was a divot of flesh missing & 2 weeks of bandages. There WILL be a scar.
    Docs tell me that it’s not even so much dry old skin, but that our skin thins out as we age (hey- SOME part
    of fat old ladies’ bodies gets thinner with no effort at all!) and that THAT is why we suddenly bruise so easily &
    break the skin with so little provocation. Ah – the joys of being a golden oldie!

    Hope yours heals quickly & that the next one (and there WILL be a next one) doesn’t show up for a long time.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I always see these kinds of boo-boos on old folks and my first thought is “Who was supposed to be watching grandma/grandpa that day?” I didn’t take a picture of the dark purple bruise on my other arm that I have no idea how I got! It’s been there for quite a while and is slow to fade. Ah, old age. Not for sissies.

  3. OUCHIES!! That looks painful!! I understand how this is n sometimes not knowing when or how it happened, I’ve got a boo boo on my left hand, on the outside which I can barely see it, looks burned or got some skin pulled out somewhere. I remember nothing!! LOL!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you n Bill!! Hugs!!

    • Nothing like mystery boo-boos, is there. You do something and it hurts like hell and then you have nothing to show for it. Then you end up with cuts and bruises that look like you were through a war, and you have no idea when it happens! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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