Even though he’s on FaceBook and Instagram there is just not a lot of information about Edull Ardo.  What I know about him?  He’s from Brazil.  Searching for “fat art” his art is all over Pinterest including my Pinterest Board – edull/  There is a website listed on his FaceBook page, but it leads nowhere.

Of the 59,113 people that follow his FaceBook page, 13 of them are friends of mine from the fat community.

Additional information on FaceBook: 

Everyone in this world needs to see how beautiful plus size women are.

Edull Ardo

I mostly know him from his drawings of fat Disney princesses and comic book heroes and villains.

But I’m really loving his latest art – where he shows photos of fat women and then creates illustrations of those women in his own (readily identifiable) style. 

It feels to me, he’s showing how the fat person really looks in their (or at least Edull’s) mind.  They are delightful, sassy, and they do, indeed show how beautiful plus size women are.

I saw on his FaceBook page that from time to time he puts out requests for input from his followers and offers to create art based on their photos! How cool is that?

Here are some samples of Edull’s art – old and new!

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