A fat salon owner, Ray Lin Howard, was escorted by police from her flight on Alaska Airlines because, the airline (or rather a flight attendant) claims, she did not abide by their dress code.

I call bull shit.  And so do many other folks – and not just from the fat community.

What Ray Lin did was fly fat while dressed in a manner that showed some skin – in particular, her midriff.  The flight attendant reported this to the police as someone on the flight who refused to keep their clothes on!

Ray Lin, who was wearing a crop top, was told by a flight attendant that Alaska Airline’s dress code did not permit midriffs to show on their flights. 

Yeah, no.

Articles on this say that Alaska Airline’s website merely describes its dress code as “casual”; but good luck finding that because I wasted about 20 minutes searching and could find nothing. However, I submit crop tops are casual – clearly the problem wasn’t the clothing, it was the body the clothing was on.  

Ray Lin asked for a copy of the dress code this flight attendant was referring to and was told to “Google it”.  Translation – it doesn’t really exist (or what I am saying is a totally inaccurate reflection of what it says), I just don’t approve of fat people showing more skin than I (personally) am comfortable with so I’m standing behind a bulwark of fake authority to hide my own bigotry.

And as if that was not bad enough, when the flight landed passengers were told to remain seated and police officers boarded to escort Ray Lin off of the plane. 

Like a criminal. 

After interviewing her, the police determined no crime had taken place.  Duh. 

Then Ray Lin’s video of her police interview went viral.


Here comes Alaska Airline corporate with a big broom hoping to sweep it all under the proverbial rug.

Now they give a shit about how a fat person is treated on their flights.

They refunded the tickets for Ray Lin and her family’s flight.  They offered a bunch discounts and even free flights.  Ray Lin took the refunds but has not accepted any of the discounts or free flights offered.  She feels she was slut shamed and fat shamed – all in front of her family, including her 6-year-old daughter.

I don’t tend to fly Alaska Airlines anyhow, because their prices tend to be higher than the competition.  Now I have another reason to avoid them.

You have been warned.  If you are fat and flying Alaska Airlines you better plan on bundling up!

Fat bare skin is definitely not welcome aboard.

Now boarding, Alaska Airlines!

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