So it’s Friday and there’s nothing going on in fat news, so I’m looking through Pinterest to see what I might find in the way of fat art.

Instead, I stumbled upon a fat artist – a singer – Cesaria Evora. 

Her face instantly captivated me.  So expressive.  I had never heard her sing, but I was already sure I would be a fan.

So, of course, Google and Wikipedia and YouTube, here I come.  (Can I say how happy I am to live in a world where these kinds of resources are at hand whenever something takes my wandering mind by the hand and whispers … “this way”?)

Cize, as she is commonly called, has a gorgeous contralto voice.  At the time of the YouTube clip above she was 67 or so.  Her voice is ageless and solid and just gorgeous. 

She is also a woman after my own heart because she preferred to perform barefoot.  I used to do all rehearsing barefoot.  I would still – if it was allowed, which it’s not (insert sad face here).  When I am singing and barefoot, I feel grounded, I feel safe and steady, and I feel I can put my whole body and energy into the music.  So I absolutely understand why someone would want to perform barefoot.

I also note from watching some of her YouTube performances – from time to time – she is a foot tapper.  As am I.  I’m never so happy when I get to wear a full length dress onstage – because then I can cover up my tapping toe (or sometime full foot – depending on just how badly I need to count). 

The facts?  You can read what there is on Wikipedia.  I would put the link but because there are accents in her name when I try to copy it, all these bizarre extra symbols keep showing up in the link.   Never mind, I just tried copying the link below and it works!  Go figure.

She was born in Mindelo, Sao Vicente (Island), Cape Verde (an island country of Africa) on August 27, 1941 (yes, I discovered Cize on her birthday!) and she died in the same town on December 17, 2011

Here are some photos and artwork featuring this beautiful woman from my (new) Pinterest Page


  1. Thank you SO much for this – what a great treat!
    It’s always good to hear such a talent that didn’t really hit it big until later in life (born in ’41 & really big break
    in ’88) & with a voice that held for so long. Whatever she did, it was the right thing.

    Right behind you heading off to You Tube, etc. to find more.

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