I have a ton of craft supplies for various crafts that I used to do and keep thinking one day will do again.

Who am I kidding?

I doubt I have the eyesight or hand coordination to do things like hand bead weaving anymore.  I tell myself I keep all those beads because I can use them to decorate my Dikke Dame dolls.  Which is true, and I have done, but I have enough beads to cover each doll from head to toe.

I loved doing counted cross-stitch.  The higher the count the better.  (For the uninitiated, the higher the count the smaller the stitch.)  I have at least two boxes and a bookcase full of patterns I tell myself I may need someday.  Also, I already have a box of finished, but unframed, projects.  How do I convince myself that I should make more when I know they’ll only end up in the box.

Clay sculpting.  I’m not very good at it and don’t really have the patience to knead the clay to the right consistency.  But I have several books with ideas that I am sure I will one day want to pursue; plus Pinterest convinces me that I should be doing this. 

Felt sculpting.  I love doing felting.  Again, I’m not very good at it – but I feel that I could be, if I only took the time to do more of it.  Of course, there is all that blood from me jabbing my fingers. 

Crocheting.  Again, something I enjoy; but what do I do with the output?  Which is worse?  Having a bunch of yarn laying around or having a bunch of crochet projects that I will never use?

Dikke Dame Dolls.  I still love my Dikke Dame Dolls and would like to make many more; but the detail work is killingly painstaking (more blood shed from needle stabs). 

Shrinky Dink fat positive pins.  I have no excuse. Ditto for making fat positive buttons.  Except it does hurt my wrist to make a bunch of buttons. 

I hope someone in my family likes crafts because somebody is going to inherit a shit ton of supplies!


  1. I can totally relate to the crocheting things. I learned how to crochet a few years back from watching YouTube videos. I really enjoyed it but lost my mojo because everything I made is just laying in the closet.

  2. I donated a lot of my stuff to a grade school in Morgan Hill. They had an after school/lunchtime “makers’ room,” where the kids could do craft/art projects.

    • There used to be a charity in San Jose where you could donate all manner of stuff and then teachers could go there and “shop” for the things that were donated. It went away and I miss it alot because I loved giving them arts and crafts supplies.

  3. This past nearly two years has been pretty crafty for a lot of us. Since April of 2020, I’ve knitted FOUR
    afghans and a VERY long, paillette-trimmed scarf for a glitz-loving friend. Once I started, I couldn’t seem to
    stop & the ladies at JoAnn were SO nice about pointing me to all the sale items. It’s given many of us who
    are out of work & job hunting something to do between spates of sending out resumes & filling out hundreds
    of applications. Sounds like you’re good at LOTS of crafty things – and you’d be surprised at how many of
    your friends would love to have something you made.

    Craft on, madam – craft on!

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