Performing at the MCCV with my dear friend Chrissy Akard (who is in the hospital with an infected knee – get better Chrissy – you’ll always be a class act!)


  1. Fun version of a fun song – coupl’a real classy broads there.

    Question (this was an earworm for me this week & it seemed like something you’d have in your repertoire)
    Do you do” Nobody Does It Like Me” from ‘Seesaw’? Right in your range & the lyric seems like something
    you’d have fun with.

    Hope your skin stress is easing up.

  2. I used to do that song in voice class but never learned it – learned it. I saw Seesaw at the Fisher Theater in Detroit just before it went to Broadway and Lainie Kazan was playing the lead! She could sing the hell out of that role, but every time she had to dance, she’d break into a visible sweat and you could see her counting under her breath!

  3. Didn’t know that Lainie had preceded Michele Lee in the role – saw her do it & can’t imagine anyone else.
    Can picture the counting/sweating routine – have seen others go through it – not a pretty picture, but not
    everyone can dance (I was known as “singer who moves well” -i.e., don;t take her past a little soft shoe).

  4. Lainie was brought on to tour the show while it workshopped and Michele Lee was not available. That had to be pretty sucky to do all the development for the show knowing that you would be replaced when it was ready to open on Broadway. I tell people I can dance – if you give me long enough to learn it (and that often means a lot of time) – my brain is simply not that nimble in putting it together. Also – in my dotage – I don’t “catch air” – I do what I call fat tap – you can get the same sound from a heel drop as a hop – and I’m not trying to hop, y’all!

  5. Can’t picture Lainie Kazan with Ken Howard – seems like an odder pairing than the script called for! She
    must have needed the gig to take it knowing she was a stop-gap measure to get the show on its feet.

    Clever you – the fat tap of the heel – never even thought about it. Dumb luck, I guess – never had roles that
    called for actual dancing & I worked a lot of clubs, just walk around & sing. Was always hesitant to even say
    I could dance or someone might think that meant REAL dancing. The classic actor’s fear: someday they’re
    gonna find out I’ve been faking it all this time & can’t really act – sing – whatever.

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