Getting radiation treatment I have met several technicians and been witness to how they each deal with the body of a fat old lady.

They are all very clear that I should let them know if anything they do causes pain. 

They are all respectful; but it is apparent that some are not comfortable (for whatever reason) with dealing with my body. 

They are hesitant and apologetic when they have to touch me. 

They are aghast when I refer to myself or a body part as “fat”.

They tell me, “Oh, don’t say that!” or “You’re not fat!” 

I tell them, of course, I’m fat. 

When I refer to myself as a fat old lady, they kind of want to argue with me about it. 

My favorite technician is clearly very comfortable with dealing with a fat body that is getting radiation treatment.  She understands that the fat on my upper arm on my left side needs to be adjusted so it isn’t in the field of radiation.  She asked permission to simply tuck the fat under my arm.  I was like “sure!” and she did.  No big deal.  She understands that fat is movable. 

Even though I have told the other technicians that they can just tuck the in-the-way fat under, instead they insist on using a huge length of tape to pull the fat out of the way.  Thankfully, because the tape is only in place for a few minutes, I don’t get an allergic reaction to the adhesive.  But more importantly, I don’t like that they aren’t willing to even try to just tuck the fat under – like they don’t want to touch it, or something.

Also, I really don’t want to argue about the fact that I self-identify as a fat person; which I clearly and objectively am.  Don’t infantilize me.  I know I am fat.  Not only that, but I am okay with it.

If your career choice has you coming physically in contact with fat bodies from time to time, you need to learn to deal with it and not try to make it my problem. 

I got enough shit going on in my life right now.  I’m not taking on any of yours.

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