I can’t find anything on the internet about May den Arend except her art work.  Not even on her own website (

But I do like her art. 

First, though, what is it about the Netherlands and wonderful depictions of fat people in their art (no, I’m not complaining)?  Even my Dikke Dame (fat lady) dolls are based on a book by a woman in the Netherlands. 

Anyhow, like many artists, May den Arend has sculptures of people of varying sizes, but most seem to be of fat people and they are a delight.  There are some solo figures, but many are blends of two (and sometimes three) people creating one big fat person. 

I especially like the couples – which are in varying gender combinations – blended together into one fat entity.  Sometimes facing each other, sometimes not, but all showing a deep and lasting bond; a combining that creates a wonderfully fat entity of its own. 

Here are some of my favorites (and of course, there are many more on my Pinterest page (

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