Another Fat Friday.  Another new found artist on Pinterest.

I love finding new fat art on Pinterest; but  I hate when I have to work so hard to find out who the artist is. However, I always make a concerted effort to put a name to the artwork.  These people and their talent deserve to be recognized. 

Anyhow.  I finally found out that this artist is Els Lam.  She seems to be from the Netherlands and that’s about it.  Her website is expired.  I found her art for sale on a website but there was no accompanying bio or profile – except to refer you to the expired website. 

I love these figures.  I love art that shows fat bodies doing things that are usually the domain of thin bodies. 

These figures are clearly performers of some sort – perhaps a fat circus? 

Cirque du so-fat! 

The actual figures are quite basic but everything else about them is highly stylized.  I love the little details – like the eyelashes and the garter belts. 

I hope you enjoy these samples and check out some more of Els Lam’s work on my Pinterest page:

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