Carolyn Stich is an artist who lives and works in Holland, Michigan, where she operates her own studio (complete with gift shop).

I have long been a fan of her “The Girls” series. 

These are Michigan women.  The women I grew up with.  The women that I am one of.

They are unapologetically fat women, enjoying life to the fullest.  You don’t get to see their faces.  That is because they are every woman and they are ageless.  They do not ask for nor want anybody else’s opinion about how they look, what they wear and what they are doing. 

They are having a good time together, and you are invited to mind your own business. 

Of course, I have a Pinterest board devoted to The Girls –

Here are some of my favorites of Ms. Stich’s series “The Girls” doing what Michigan women do:

Picking blueberries (you can’t get more Michigan than that); playing cards (if you grew up in Michigan you played cards); going to the casino; sitting on the shore of a Great Lake; enjoying the fall colors, and taking a load off while you have some ice cream!

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