I have been working from home for quite a few years now.  Long before the pandemic, anyway.

My biggest distraction is our cat Leo. 

The sound of me typing (and I’m a legal word processor – so if I’m typing, I’m busy) is a siren song to this stupid cat.  The tippy-tapping of the keys means Mommy MUST hold me NOW.

What’s a cat-mom to do?

I have developed a system that works for both of us.  I wear a cardigan most of the time anyhow (I’m constantly chilly), so Leo climbs up to the back of my chair, over my shoulder and onto my chest where I swaddle him with the cardigan.

My hands are now free, Leo is warm and comfy, and I having a snoozerific purring cat snuggled up with me. 

This is how I work, with a snuggled cat and an inordinate amount of (very unkempt) hair (waiting patiently for the salons to reopen).

Fucking adorable, aren’t we?

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