I decided to give this show a try; and it’s turned into a guilty – I don’t know – because it really isn’t a pleasure.

The first episodes are worth watching just for the truly lousy “special effects”. 

I swear, they must have had a budget of $1.50. 

I couldn’t believe I’m watching a shot of the two brothers in their car and I realize it has been green screened!  Badly.  I can see the clear outline around the heads and what is supposed to be the background!

What is going on here?  I know you have the car (it is featured prominently in the show).  I know you have the actors (they too are featured prominently).  Why the need to green screen? 

I can’t remember if the car was moving in this shot or not.  But for fuck’s sake …

The story lines are fun as two brothers run up against every urban (and not-so-urban) horror legend that has been around forever.  And now, it seems we’re moving into just good ol’ horror genre. 

The acting is okay but the writing is not great.

The personal “conflict” is truly contrived.  One brother who devoted his life to doing what his Dad told him to, and the other brother – rebelled by going to college to become a lawyer?  Okay.  So they are always bickering over who Dad loved best and who suffered because of who’s lifestyle choices. 

But the episodes are fairly short – if you skip the recap and without commercials (it’s on NetFlix); and what they lack in quality, they make up for in quantity.  There’s like 18 of them per season – but then, why not at $1.50 per episode? (Okay, I admit the effects got better as the show progressed.)

So why do I keep watching this?  And OMG – there’s 15 seasons?

Send help.

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