I didn’t have anything new to report for fat Friday, so of course, I turn to the source of fat art joy – Pinterest, and I found a new artist!  Sabine Holik

Holik works in paper mache; and I love the humor and joy represented in her round ladies. 

I wish Holik’s fat folks had fat legs and arms too, but her figures are all apple and pear shaped with thin legs and arms; but the bodies are well-rounded, so’s to speak.

I admit I also like that a theme for many of the figures is I-see-London-I-see-France-I-see-someone’s-underpants.  Too often men (especially fat men) are made fun of because of visible butt crack.  While these figures don’t show actual butt crack, they do seem to have a problem keeping their unmentionables out of sight – and I love it.

I especially love her dancers.  I am always awed by the sense of movement an artist can instill in a figure, and these are no exception.  I can practically hear the music playing. And then there’s the set of ladies who are caught in the wind – trying to keep their skirts down!

Sabine Holik’s website is

But it’s all in German, so you might need Google translate.

She calls her creations “cardboard nose ladies” and created her first in 2013. 

I love to look behind the facade and not only see what would like to be shown … and of course there are many misjudgments hidden in my observations, after all, I am a wonderfully imperfect person myself. In a cheerful way I try to capture what is deeply human and at the same time imperfect in my characters, which is our essence and our uniqueness.

With all their charming … or not so charming … inadequacies, the ladies invite us to delight in the wonderful world of non-perfection.

Sabine Holik

Let’s here it for the wonderful world of non-perfection!

I now have a Pinterest page –

And here are some of my personal favorites:

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