Lately, online, I am pummeled by advertising for a flavored water with the brand name “Hint”.

I wish Hint would leave me alone.

I tried Hint.

It’s crap.

It is supposed to be fruit “infused” water.

Sure, if by fruit they mean the bitter, bitter rind; because that is what this stuff is. 

Bitter as a thwarted cat.

Remember Fruit 2o? 

That stuff was delicious. 

I used to buy it direct from the manufacturer by the case.

Then Kraft bought it, and it disappeared from the stores and I could no longer order it direct from the manufacturer. 

But guess what?  Because of this blog post, I was this many years old when I found out you can get Fruit2o again!  Yup.  The Sunny Delight folks bought the VeryFine product line from Kraft and you (read “I”) can now get it again from Amazon or

I love blogging. 

And not just because now the next time I order my Chester’s Butter Flavored Puffcorn from Walmart (the only place I can find this stuff which I LOVE – it’s basically salty air!), I can also get some Fruit2o and see if it is as good as I remember. 

So I started out with a blog post bemoaning the loss of Fruit2o and the nastiness of Hint, and I get to end on a much happier note!

So suck it Hint. 

Fruit2o is back!

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