Turns out … pretty fucking vain.

I have (finally) gotten back to scanning in the many (MANY) photos into digital format. 

A long time ago I started this project, and then I dropped the ball – for YEARS.

But now that I’m putting the contents of the cardboard boxes that Murphy (our orange cardboard clawing obsessed monster) has destroyed; and I have a decent printer/copier/scanner, it’s time I finish this mega project. 

I have always considered myself to be the type of person who hated to have her picture took.  Well, obviously I self-deceived, and I have the photos to prove it.  Holy crap!  And you best believe I am scanning in each and every one of them!  They are the depiction of time marching on – right across this fat old lady’s body and face (I suspect with cleats on). 

Actually, there are whole swaths of my life missing; and the photos that I have from those parts of my life are thanks to my always camera-ready cousin Alice.  She is truly the documentarian of our family’s lives.  And I am so grateful to have all these photos of moments that would otherwise be lost to the ages (or at least to my fading memories)!

Bill’s sister Elise fulfills that role in his family.  Thus I have mounds of photos of his life and family. 

But for pure vanity, I have to go for the “photo shoots” I did with my ex-roommate Steve.  He is, without a doubt, one of the only people I know who could be counted on to take a good picture of me; and he took many.  Because he knew my face so well (from the years we lived together), he always knew what to wait for.  Now, in my dotage, I am finally familiar enough with my own face that I can pretty much end up with the “look” I want captured; but back in the day, I was truly clueless.

Since moving to San Jose, I am grateful to have found many great professional photographers who have helped me with headshots and who have photographed some of the shows I have been in; and I love having those photos to look through.

So many good times. 

But Lord (TIDBI) I am clearly one vain fat old lady!

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