When I made my little holiday video, I became very much aware that I haven’t really sung for about 9 months. 

Like any set of muscles that you don’t exercise regularly, your voice can suffer greatly from disuse. 

To the rescue – Franz Linzinger.

Franz is the gentleman I work with when I feel the need to work repertoire.  Working repertoire means working on the music that you use regularly (like your set of audition songs); learning new music; and just singing shit you like. 

It keeps the pipes clean.

Anyhow, Franz (who teaches piano and provides accompaniment to choral groups and solo performers) has started working on putting music into digital format, so people like me can work on my music at home. 

Sure, you can work with a recording – but you really need to get used to how the actual accompaniment goes before you get in front of the casting people or an audience.  Also, with the accompaniment you can start pin pointing where you need to breathe, work on your phrasing and interpretation. 

I am so grateful to Franz for taking this on. 

He eventually hopes to set up a website for  his services; but he hasn’t gotten that far in his life yet; but he can be reached at if you are interested.  His main service is custom recording of piano accompaniments for singers or instrumentalists.  He needs access to your sheet music (he recommends the app Genius Scan); and using his electronic keyboard he can transpose to any key you need! 

He also has many ongoing projects, so you may need to have patience on turn-around; although he’s been really fast on my stuff – but then he already knows my stuff really well. 

And, of course, you don’t have to use Franz – you may have another pianist in your life who can record your music for you.  I’m just saying for me it is an immense help to have the accompaniment for my repertoire available in MP3 format, so I can try to clear out these rusty dusty old pipes before I need them again!

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