2020 needs to just stop.

It’s enough.  I give up.  Okay?

#fuck2020; #fuckcancer

Yesterday, I woke up to the news that my friend Bryan Miller is gone. 

I haven’t seen Bryan in many years – I moved to Northern California and he moved to the Palm Springs area – but he was such an important part of my life in Los Angeles. 

Bryan was an amazing talent – singer and pianist.  He was the crown prince of piano bars.  Wherever he was playing, so many people gathered to enjoy his playing and singing; and the many talented folks who came out to perform with him. 

I first met Bryan when he was playing in a piano bar called Mr. Mike’s – not too far from where I was living in Silver Lake.  I had sung at other piano bars, but there was something special about getting to sing with Bryan.  He already had songs in his repertoire that I knew; and he was a master sight reader, so I could bring along new music and he could just play it.  And he was always so welcoming and so encouraging. 

There were other singers that I just loved hearing; but mostly I loved Bryan.  I am a big fan of esoteric songs and Bryan was a treasure trove – songs like The Princess Papooli; Dorothy; Ragtime Cowboy Joe, his own special rendition of Don’t Cry for Me West Covina, and so many others. 

I had always wanted to make a duet out of Moonglow and Blue Moon, and I was finally able to do that with Bryan.  He understood the concept immediately. 

Later, I would meet with Bryan weekly to work repertoire. 

The funniest thing too – I met Bryan in LA; but I first saw him in NYC. Bryan appeared in the off-Broadway musical Let My People Come; which I saw during a trip to New York City!  Such a small world.

Bryan met the love of his life, Gilmore Rizzo and they had many (but I am sure not enough) years together. I am so glad they found each other.

I knew that Bryan was fighting cancer and for awhile, he was doing pretty well; but eventually the cancer won. 

It makes me so angry … and sad.

I can’t conceive of the ten dazzling fingers of Bryan Miller being forever stilled.  That his twinkling brown eyes are closed and that his curly head is forever laid down to rest.


  1. Dear Fat Old Lady……A CA friend just sent your LOVELY tributre to Bryan Miller….I was SO saddened to hear of his passing….it will take me the rest of the day to process this. I first met Bryan when a group of us did thdatre in LA. I think the first time he turned up was with an original translation of An Imiginary Invalid, called A Very Sick Man…..the group was The Children Of The Queen’s Revels, headed up by Pete Parkin, who was at Pasadena Playhouse a year before me and who eventually became Theatre Chair at LA Valley College and for whom and where I did MANY shows. I’m thinking he was the one who broughrt Bryan into our lives…Bryan was probably 18 about that time???? YOUNG…CUTE as hell and always such a lovely person. I do remember, later on in years, seeing/hearing him play at many of the venues in and around LA….always such a treat, as you well know. And, still such a wonderful person.
    I left CA in 2004 so had not seen him in many years and am trying to think if I knew he moved to PS. I’m sure he continued playing there as well.
    SAD to hear about the cancer….so much of that going around…
    I don’t do FB, so was not aware of your tribute and the fact that he passed. I did Google for obit, but will now try for PS area and see what shows. So happy he got to spend the rest of his life with someone he loved and cared for.
    Again, thanks for the lovely tribute for such a lovely, TALENTED man.

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