Last week we watched NBC’s One Night Only – the Best of Broadway. 

It was pretty wonderful. 

By far the best holiday offering so far (we didn’t make it through 15 minutes of The Grinch musical). 

What I want to know is, WTF are they feeding these young singers?  The voices are amazing.  No sign of a break.  And the range?  Just amazing. 

I’ve studied voice under various teachers, and I have never come close to have technique like this.  Is there some new miracle training?  Are they genetically modified?  What is going on?

I am, indeed, jealous. 

I do know that my voice was at its best while I was doing Bottom’s Up (a long running Vegas style revue) – because I was singing 8-9 shows a week.  Since no Broadway right now, these folks must be entertaining the hell out of their neighbors. 

I read a comment about how BFA programs have homogenized the Broadway sound.  Maybe.  I did get a hint of my perennial issue of just singing loud, instead of having levels.  Be careful kiddos – there is more to singing than just LOUD, especially with such great body mics. 

But still I’m amazed by how vocalization seems to have changed, and I’m curious about the physicality of it, and how accessible it is to say – someone a bit (okay a LOT) older. 

Truth is, even if I had access to the training, I probably wouldn’t be willing to invest the time and effort.  And truth is, I like my voice – when it’s working – I just need to pull it out, blow the dust off, and polish it back up again.

One of these days.

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