I don’t have a lot of specific memories of Thanksgiving.

We often had family over; and I always preferred the kids’ table, because that meant sitting with cousins – first the Harris boys, and later on with our dear cousins Alice and Marilyn.

I know one year we didn’t have family over (I don’t remember why).  My mom cooked turkey roll – much to the intense disappointment of my sister Linda.  That was also the year my mom forgot to mix the butter into the pumpkin pie batter – so she just put butter pats on top – this results in a kind of greenish/yellowish grease pool on top of your pie. 

So Thanksgiving meant having to do a lot of cleaning in preparation of having company and then a lot of clean up after the mean (remember my mom could dirty every pan in the house making an ordinary meal – so Thanksgiving cleanup was astounding and my mother was a firm believer that cleanup is why you had children). 

So Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday. 

But I respect it.

I respect any holiday that is centered around food and being grateful.

It’s in the name.

And God (TIDBI) knows I have a lot to be grateful for.

I hope you do too.

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