For the first time in many (many) years, the Christmas tree is up (and partly decorated).

I know, it’s early.  But I need it for the background for my video for Sunnyvale Community Player’s Holiday At Home video. 

I have been avoiding putting up the tree for all these years because I was worried how our orange cat, Murphy, would react to a gigantic toy dispenser in the living room.

On the whole, Murphy is a very mellow kitty; but some things make him very excited and once in this mindset there is no telling what he’ll try. 

I figured, if Murphy lost his shit over the tree, I’d just take it down as soon as I was done recording. 

Turns out, all the worry was for naught.  Outside of getting under the tree a couple of times (and not bothering anything – although, at this point there are no ornaments within cat-on-the-floor reach); he is pretty much ignoring the tree.  And I always put unbreakable ornaments on the within cat-on-the-floor reach level of the tree; plus bells – so I know when there is a ne’er-do-well cat fucking with the tree.  (My cat early warning system.)

Another reason to avoid putting up the tree – I’m not as young as I used to be and putting up and decorating a tree is a shit-ton of work.  I love having a tree.  I don’t love all the work involved.

My dear husband Bill, who couldn’t give two shits about having a tree or not, helped me so much. 

Still, the bad news is today, everything hurts.

The good news is, everything hurts just a little. 

Also, I’m not done.  I needed another string of lights – and those should arrive tomorrow from Amazon (along with some spares – I will NOT be running out of lights next time!  An inordinate amount of lights are absolutely necessary on my Christmas Tree).  And I can’t finish hanging ornaments until after all the lights are on.

But, still, I have a Christmas tree! 

As I mentioned above, I LOVE having a Christmas tree.  There is nothing so soothing to me than to turn out all the lights, except the tree, and just sit and look at it twinkling and gleaming.  It means Christmas to me.

So Merry Merry and Happy Happy, y’all.  It’s early, but in this fat old lady’s house, ’tis the season.

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