I’m almost caught up on my “new episodes” of shows I watched.

But first I watched all of Legends of Tomorrow (as available on Netflix).  Pretty sure there are more coming – or I could possibly watch more On Demand, but I kind of need a break.

Then I watched the Netflix available episodes of Lucifer.  I was very surprised to see that there were more, because I thought it had wrapped up so well before.  But here we are – and they were okay.  But I could have lived without the introduction of the new character – (spoiler) – Archangel Michael.  More dealing with bad guys and solving cases, please, and less personal angst from everyone!

And I just finished the latest episodes of Umbrella Academy.  Whoof.  That was a work out.  All that familial tension gets on your nerves after a while, but I loved the way they wrapped it up (for this season) and looking forward to further adventures.

Of course, on “regular” TV/cable, we are still watching the Daily (Social Distancing) Show, and I am so excited that there are now new episodes of Ridiculousness!  (Hooray!).  Grand Tour is always entertaining too. 

Speaking of Ridiculousness – on Penn Jillette’s podcast Penn’s Sunday School, the gang were talking about how America’s Funniest Home Videos is so good and how you can just leave it on with no sound and it’s still funny.  Well, so you understand, Ridiculousness is AFHV for adults; AND they don’t accept submissions – so nobody is doing anything stupid or dangerous to get on the show.  These are just people doing stupid and/or dangerous things because people do stupid and dangerous stuff; and they have nobody to blame but themselves for the situations they end up in.  Just saying. 

Doug Benson has really stepped up his podcast game.  He now has a daily short podcast playing the IMDB movie game with Geoff Tate.  (Tate, Tate, Tate, Tate …)  You have to catch it quickly though because Doug deletes them after a while.  Also Doug has Wide World of Doug’s with his buddy Doug Mellard talk with other Dougs, people who have played Dougs on TV or in movies, or when they can’t find a willing Doug, with their comedian friends.  And Doug has added a sort of daily podcast, Premises, Premises – where Doug and a guest kick around two premises for new jokes (one from Doug, one from the guest), to see if they are funny or can be worked into something funny.  And of course, Doug continues with his long running Doug Loves Movies podcast, playing movie trivia games with guests (but without an audience and no prizes, other than bragging rights). 

Needless to say, we spend quite a bit of time with Doug Benson, which is just fine with me.

So, now what?

I’m thinking over to Amazon Prime for the new episodes of Mrs. Maisel.  (Please let it be as funny as before because God (TIDBI) knows I could use some more laughter in my life.)  I’m a little concerned because I have not heard anything about the new episodes. 

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