Tomorrow, I am “seeing” a physical therapist about my back.

It is a video conference call. 

And, of course, my back is so much better.

Saturday was the worst.  I could barely hobble around the house.  I HAD to use a cane to get up from sitting.  And my back was constantly spasming.  I was taking 3 (200 mg each) Ibuprofen gel caps every 6-8 hours, and the pain was still debilitating.

BUT, Saturday night, my back started to be better.  The spasms dropped to about one per hour (yes, I started timing them.)  The pain was becoming manageable. 

Sunday morning, my back was markedly better.  I no longer needed the cane, and the spasms were only when I truly put pressure on my back (bending down to get something off the floor or to put something down or standing up after sitting).  And the spasms were much shorter in duration and not as painful.

Today.  The spasms are still there, but infrequent and not as painful, and I stopped taking the Ibuprofen altogether. 

My usual, dull (and sometimes stabbing) pain are back to the usual levels. 

What the hell happened? 

I spent three weeks with progressively worsening symptoms and they have almost totally dissipated in 3 days. 

My only explanation (and I am totally guessing) is two-fold.  First, the big doses of ibuprofen allowed my muscles to relax (especially, while sleeping and I have slept in for the last 3 days).  Second, I did some of the old exercises I used to do to align my pelvis. 

So which did the trick?  Fuck if I know.

I am so thrilled to have the pain stop.

I did find out that I have mild to moderate osteoarthritis in my thoracic spine (from x-rays); and I’m guessing the bottom part of my spine isn’t in great shape either, but I’m also pretty sure that what I just went through was muscle related not bone related.  Bones don’t spasm. 

I am doing the video conference with the PT person tomorrow; just because I’m hoping she can give me some answers and some exercises and some insight into what is going on with my back (because I still have the midback pain on the right side where all of this started).  I’m hoping that I can learn enough to head off any more attacks like what I went through these past three weeks.

So thank you to everyone for their concern and good thoughts. 

This Fat Old Lady’s got her back BACK!!!!

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