I admit I am woefully behind in current theater music. 

I used to want to hear everything.

Even if there was no role in a show for me, I might find the best ever audition song, or a song I wanted to perform in a showcase or revue.

Then I started pulling back to things where I felt there might be a part for me.

But now, I’m kind of wanting to listen to everything. 

I mean, why not?

We’re (almost) all stuck at home, bored out of our minds.

And then there’s Spotify.

Spotify can cost you money – or NOT! 

If you don’t want to listen to ads, you have to pay.

Ads don’t bother me that much.

I feel it’s fair for the company (or person) offering me services for free should be able to get compensation in some way.  So feel free to plug away. 

(And no, I am not getting anything from Spotify for this post. Clearly, for this fat old lady, at least, talk is cheap.)

Okay, be reasonable; and I feel Spotify is pretty reasonable in their ad to content ratio. 

So I can try out new musicals for free. 

And revisit the old ones when I don’t feel like going on a hunt for the CD!

Sometimes life is grand, just grand.


  1. I have been subscribing to Spotify for some time. Can’t keep away from the best of the 80’s collection of songs for my daily commute to work 😅😂🤣

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