First, let me qualify.

I KNOW this does not apply to all CIS hetero men, but that’s whom my experience has been with.

But why-o-why-o-why-o, do some men feel the need to send women messages, out of the blue and unsolicited, stating they want to have a relationship?


You don’t know me.

You haven’t even taken the time to read my blog, or even the “about me” part of my blog.

Because if you read about me, you’d know I’m MARRIED, you bunch of fuzz-nuts.

I recently had a guy post on my WordPress blog with his name, age, and telephone number!  Asking me to send him the same info.


First, really?  You post your telephone number on a public blog, where anyone can see it?

Second, again, if you were really interested in me, as a person, you would have read my bio and seen, I’m FUCKING MARRIED!

I have had these messages from men of all ages.

At least, so far, nobody has sent me a dick pic.

(Thank the Lord (TIDBI) for small mercies.)

Just because a woman is fat and/or old, does not mean she is desperately seeking solace in your arms.

These may be truly nice men who just need some socialization.

That’s why I don’t jump up the butts of the men leaving me these kinds of messages.

At least one of these men has ended up a friend of sorts – reading and commenting on my blog regularly.

And that’s great.  Friends are a goodness.

But for the love of God (TIDBI) gentlemen, if you want a relationship, you also should want to know the person; and when that information is readily available (like the fact that I am MARRIED) and you don’t check it out, then I know that you don’t really want to get to know me better, do you?

Oh, and here is the photo that made David C. Ware of Bartow Florida (863) 535-8783 reach out to me for a relationship:

crabby headshot

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