I know this is supposed to be Theater Tuesday – but with the current lack of theater going on, sometimes, I just need a break and want to write about something that is happening.

Like, what am I watching?

And what have I watched.

Watching –

The stuff I watch with my husband is not binge-level.  We catch episodes here and there, and right now, it’s basically:

The Crown

The Crown makes me laugh because, as I have commented before (but it bears repeating), it seems the Royal Family uses the phrase “Thank you”, much the same way Southerners use the phrase “Bless your heart.”

Also, it reminds me of that old joke, “If we’d had Margaret, we could have saved the Rolls.” (which joke I tried to tell my husband and totally fucked it up – I have become my mother – she was pretty terrible at telling jokes.)

I am watching on Netflix

Legends of Tomorrow

My husband and I tried this one when it first came out and it just didn’t stick; but seeing glimpses of it here and there, I became intrigued again – and gave it another chance.  I’m a little more than ½ way through Season 1 and …. It’s okay.  Not sure if I’ll stick with it, except I tend to be a completist unless something is really awful.

Really awful like – The 100.  Could not get through more than one episodes.  What a stinkeroo.  Seems like a cool idea, and then they fuck it up with all that youthful angst and machismo.  Nope.

I’ve recently watched:

The 4400

Which I really enjoyed.  I liked it when it was just a “hunt ’em down and stop ’em” show and even more when it became more about the fears of the “other”.  Made me sad, but it certainly speaks to the times we are living in.

Never Have I Ever

What a joy.  This is how you do youthful angst.  Super competitive rich teens trying to survive the world and get laid.  What’s not to like?

And speaking of super competitive teens –

The Politician.

The first season was a bit “meh” but the second season was so good – what isn’t improved by adding a healthy dollop of Bette Midler?

We watch our regulars – The Daily Social Distancing Show; Last Week Tonight with John Oliver; Full Frontal with Samantha Bee; and we’re liking Star Girl pretty well – except I get a little tired of:  Parent figure says no.  Teen says, okay.  Teen does it anyway (after coming up with lame rationalization).  Everything goes to shit.  – Makes you wonder just how stupid is Star Girl because she sure isn’t learning with experience.

So that’s what I’ve been watching.

How about you?


Current mood.


  1. I really liked The Politician on Netflix, so much so that I wish it had ended. I’m just not up for another round. :). I’m working my way through old game shows which I love, but I also like SyFy. “Warrior Nun” – I had to watch that one. Ninja nuns, church vs science, reluctant hero. It was great although it took a little too long for reluctant hero to get with the program. So much Netflix.

  2. My girlfriend and I generally watch Netflix and Amazon Prime movies together. Although we tend to only watch series when we visit one another and we agree not to start a series without each other. That’s the general rule. However, individually, we can watch stand alone movies 🙂

    On Netflix last night, I broke the rule and started to watch “The Last Dance.” It’s a 10-episode mini-series of the Chicago Bulls basketball team, centered around Michael Jordan’s arrival to the team in 1984 and the subsequent metamorphosis that transformed a mediocre team into a world champion dynasty.

    As a history major in my undergraduate studies, I always had an infinity for past events. Initially it was classical European history that fascinated me and I tended to read books on military history. Later, I developed interest with social, technology and sports history too.

    As a young man growing up in decade of the 80s, I certainly knew about, was influenced and revered the athletic abilities of Michael Jordan. With his tall and slim figure, he had amazing talent and work ethic. He was the epitome of perseverance. Compared to my diminutive physique, all I could do was watch Michael put on spectacular displays of movement and dunking abilities that fueled my aspirations to select a career and do it the best I could. Michael was a role model to me.

    I am on the sixth episode of ten and I have been enjoying the path down memory lane with glances of past games and memorable outcomes. The series also interviews past players and gives interesting perspectives on events that took place. I found myself saying several times “Ahh, that’s why that happened” or “I didn’t know that really took place!”

    All in all, I’m enjoying this mini-series of basketball sports history and I have already told my girlfriend I started to watch without her company. She has already forgiven me. Sports history is not a topic of interest for her.

    Hmmm, what mini-series will she start without me?

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