In this case “WTF” stands for Who the Fuck (is) …

One of my Fat Old Lady followers let me know someone on FaceBook, using the name Doris Lipscomb, was using my photo!

Weird, right?


This person (if it is a living person and not a bot) is spewing the must hateful shit and doing it behind my smiling fat old lady face!

This person has marked my face as “blessed”.

While, I don’t object to someone saying “bless you” when I sneeze, or “bless your heart” (whether or not they mean it or are saying Southern fuck you) – I feel the term “blessed” infers a belief in a deity – and I’m an atheist.

And they are a pro-Trumper.


You want to support Trump?  I would love to hear your reasons (real reasons, not “I hate Hillary”.)

But do NOT do it under my fat old lady face.

Because of this I learned how to report a profile to FaceBook.

And I have asked my friends on FaceBook to report this profile (and I sincerely thank you if you have been willing to do so), because I want FaceBook to know this is not okay.

So, question.

Do I have “one of those faces”?

At least, they didn’t use my image to make fun of fat people.

The image is a picture I took either showing off my wooden glasses frames or my haircut (I forget which) – I look very white (no surprise, I am what I am), and slightly goofy – maybe even a little stoned.

Is it a face that someone thinks represents white racist America?

Is it a face that someone thinks people would trust and believe the racist crap that is being posted here?

Do I need to remove every smiling/pleasant photo of me and post only the “look” that strikes fear into people’s heart?

What the actual fuck?

I am angry and sad and baffled.

But I hope FaceBook does it’s job and deals with this – although, I don’t suppose my hopes should be high.

You know, FaceBook and hate speech have a special cozy relationship.


Newsflash – I just did a search on FaceBook and it looks like the offending profile has been taken down!  Thank you friends of this fat old lady!


Not Doris.

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