I have not been to Pinterest in a long time (like years); but I had a hankering to see if there was anything new and interesting that I might add to my (many) boards on Fat Art / Fat Photos / Fat Figures / Fat Illustration, etc.

I found a new (to me) artist that I am in love with – Lisandro Rota.

Fat Art – Lisandro Rota

His work is quirky, and sweet and tends to run in themes or series.

For example, he has a group that is all fat women doing ribbon dancing; another with women bathing / swimming in large steel tubs; a number of them revolve around fat women at the beach with inflatables; fat women and birds (geese in particular); fat women on clouds; fat women gathering moons and suns and stars; and a group I love a lot of fat housewives juggling / carrying everything at one time (sometimes while balancing on a ball) – showing how much women at home take care of.  And many more.

And Mr. Rota has a FaceBook page!

I am now following it and I left a post saying how thrilled I was to find his wonderful art and that I had added many examples to my new Pinterest Board – Fat Art – Lisandro Rota.

And, within a few hours – he answered and shared my post!

His answer is in Italian, which thanks to my Duolingo Spanish lessons, I was pretty much able to figure out before I hit the FB translate.

I hope you check out Mr. Rota’s art and if you are so moved, I hope you decide to follow him on FaceBook and maybe let him know how much you appreciate his choice to depict fat bodies in such a wonderful way.



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