I love Crocs.

I know, some of y’all are shaking your heads with disappointment or perhaps outright disgust.

Fuck you.

Crocs are so damn comfortable.

And when you are a fat old lady, comfort counts – a lot.

They also come in a crazy number of styles.

I have a bunch of different colored ballet flats – that you would never believe were Crocs.

Next best thing to bare feet.

The latest pair of Crocs I bought are really tall.

Oddly tall.

They are called the “Classic Bae Clog”.

I bought them, not realizing how high they were because they looked like they would give my poor aching arches lots of support.

And they do.

But they also make me about 2 inches taller.

The other strange thing is they improve my posture – a lot.

So much so, that they really help with my chronic back pain.

However, they also play hell with my poor leg muscles.

I don’t know why – maybe balancing atop these things are working my core leg muscles?

I do know, though, that I walk differently in them.

For some reason, when I walk in my regular shoes and crocs my socks get pulled down –until they are basically all bunched up at my toes.

I have no idea why or how this happens.

But with these mega Crocs, that doesn’t happen.

My cute little sockies (okay, my big honking socks) stay right in place.

Weird, right?

Another thing – I cannot drive in these things either – it’s like trying to drive with your feet stuck inside two Styrofoam coolers – and remember, I drive a stick – so I have three pedals to deal with not two.

So I wear these shoes a couple times a week, trying to build up those leg muscles and only on days when I don’t have to drive anywhere; and to enjoy the view.

Note:  Perhaps these Crocs are too intimidating for the average Croc wearer, because I see you can no longer get them through the Crocs website!  (I’m such a fashion rebel!)

BAE Crocs

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