You know how your computer knows every little thing you do?

You look at peruse one article on varicose veins and suddenly ads for support hose are all over your FB page?

Well, Yahoo did a new one.

I have been learning Spanish using Duolingo for quite a while now.

I don’t know a lot, but I’m getting better.  I’m even getting to where when friends post things in Spanish, often I can understand the post!

Yay Duolingo!

Yay me!

I do Duolingo on Chrome.

I usually do FB and my games on Firefox because Firefox gets along better with Flash.

I use Yahoo as my homepage on both.

So, I’m do my Duolingo for the day, close Chrome and open Firefox.

Time to waste some time!

And my Yahoo homepage is in Spanish!

WTF Yahoo?

I have no idea how to fix this (because I am a fat OLD lady – and while not a total Luddite, I am no computer wiz – I know what I need to know and no more.)

And while my Spanish is getting incrementally better, I am not ready to tackle all of my Yahoo News in Spanish.

But wait – I scroll down and only about half the page is in Spanish!

So not only does this nosey fucker know that I know Spanish, it knows that I don’t know that much Spanish!

I go to FB, which I am relieved to see is in English and mess around there.

I close it out; go to Chrome – all is well with my Yahoo.

Later I go back to Firefox, and everything is back to English.


I mean, I’m not complaining.  I want Yahoo to be in English, but why did it change in the first place, and how did it fix itself?

So does that mean Yahoo, realized that I don’t even know Spanish enough for half a page?

Is Yahoo judging my Spanish skills?

Just WTF.

(And, no, I don’t know how to say that in Spanish.)


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