I do freelance legal word processing.

I know these attorneys.

I know they are not stupid.

Irritating, maybe … but not stupid.

And yet, I get dictation today from an attorney who wants me to type up a pleading.

Okie dokie.

No problem.

This IS my job.

I start typing and I see the caption to the lawsuit, as dictated, is not complete.

I know this because I worked on this same lawsuit (different pleading / different attorney) the day before.

I pull up the caption from the day before’s work.

Because I’m nice that way.

I try to give you the most accurate document I can.

Now this attorney keeps referring to one of the defendants as an “LLC” (limited liability company) – but the caption I have, says this defendant is a corporation.

LLCs and corporations are both legal entities, but different types.

To be extra careful, I go to the Court website.

And sure as shit, the Court’s website says we sued a corporation.

To be extra extra careful, I go to the Secretary of State website.

There is no LLC with the name of this defendant.

None at all.



There is a corporation by that name – or I should say, there was.

That corporation was dissolved a year ago.


I typed up the dictation, changing the LLC references to corporation references.

And then sent a long e-mail to the attorney, telling him of the many problems I ran into with his document.

And in case you’re wondering, all that extra checking – that’s NOT my job.

Nor is it my job to warn the attorney about what he is simply getting wrong.

Mine is not to wonder why, mine is but to type and die.

And this is why it is much better for all concerned that I work from home, because it would not be healthy for either of us if that attorney was in reach right now – and it has nothing to do with social distancing.

For crying out loud, you make how much an hour, and you don’t even know who you’re suing?

And then they wonder why I’m so fucking cranky all the time.

Or maybe, I shouldn’t have started working on it at 11 p.m.

Nah.  It’s their fault, not mine.


Um.  I’m gonna need a bigger box.


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